Authorities in Myanmar blocked all languages of Wikipedia, says internet freedom watchdog

BEIJING, Feb. 20 (Qiuwen) – NetBlocks, the internet freedom advocacy group, says Wikipedia was blocked in Myanmar by the authorities.

NetBlocks confirms “all language editions of Wikipedia” were down in Myanmar starting Thursday morning local time. In a tweet, Netblocks said, this is “part of a widening post-coup internet censorship regime imposed by the military junta.”

Netblocks provided additional information in a picture attached to the tweet, suggests that they have tested the connectivity of Wikipedia in English and French, Wikidata, and, with none of them accessible. This may intimate that it is highly that the Burmese authorities not only blocked “all language editions of Wikipedia,” but all Wikimedia projects, as a whole. The picture also suggests that Wikipedia remains inaccessible across four different internet service providers in Myanmar.

It is likely that the Burmese authorities are blocking Wikimedia projects using the same tactic seen in China and some other countries, which is by blocking the main IP address Wikipedia and its sister projects uses. All Wikimedia projects share the same IP address, which makes it an easy target by censors to implement a block.


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